About Us

Madanji and Meghraj were the names of Shri Velji Jhaveri's father and grandfather. Shri Velji came to Kolkata in 1901, with nothing but asprirations and determination to make it big in the then capital city.

He started as a small goldsmith - working for his customers and gaining their trust and love. In 1911 he took a step towards his dream - his own showroom. Naming it aptly, to pay tribute to his forefathers - as he believed that it is their values that got him where he was and that he had to take their name forward.

More than a hundered years hence - we still believe that India's beautiful jewelry handicraft tradition should be carried forward and that trust built over ages, is the foremost thing worth earning.

We were, are and will always be there to provide our patrons with the absolute best.

             - Mahendra Jayantilal Jhaveri                           - Madhuker Jayantilal Jhaveri


Madanji Meghraj Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. 

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